My software of choice for Ubuntu workstations.


Software Install Notes Description
Terminator sudo apt install terminator Multi-window capable terminal application. Official Doco
NoMachine GUI remote control, for when ssh just wont do.
Curl sudo apt install curl cli web client
Git sudo apt install git Version control
Net-utils sudo apt install net-utils Network utilities.
1Password X Firefox Plug-in Password manager
VLC Via SNAP Media player
Calibre sudo apt install calibre E-Books
Okular sudo apy install okular PDF Viewer
Chromium sudo apt install chromium-browser Web browser
Firefox sudo apt install firefox Web browser
Gnome Panel sudo apt install gnome-panel Use for editing desktop items, gnome-desktop-item-edit
AcetoneISO sudo apt install acetoneiso ISO image manipulation.
Ghost Desktop Desktop client for ghost blogs
mkusb Bootable USB creator
VirtualBox sudo apt install virtualbox-5.2 Virtualisation software. Version number subject to change
SimpleNote sudo apt install simplenote The name says it all really.
Signal Desktop A better version of WhatsApp
Nemo sudo apt install nemo File manager
Etcher OS image flasher for SD card or USB drive.
gThumb Image Viwer Ubuntu Software App Image viewer / Organiser.


Software Install Notes Description
Wireshark Sudo apt install wireshark wireshark-docs Network packet capture
BurpSuite Web vulnerability scanner
OWASP ZAP Web vulnerability scanner
NMap sudo apt install nmap Network scanner
TestSSL Script git clone --depth 1 Script to check SSL config
OpenFortiGUI Fortigate VPN Client


Software Install Notes Description
VSCode Text files, scripts, MarkDown, etc.
VSCode Plugins Beautify css/sass/less Convert markdown to PDF Markdown support
Nodejs sudo apt install nodejs Javascript runtime environment
Less npm install less -g Compile .less to .css using cli
Ruby sudo apt install ruby-full rubygems Required for sass install below
sass sudo gem install sass Compile .sass to .css using cli
PyCharm sudo snap install pycharm-community --classic Python IDE